Groups are vital to the making of disciples. Some may call them Sunday School Classes, Small Groups, Cell Groups, or the term the Etowah Campus have chosen, Community Groups.

The reason groups are so important is because discipleship happens in groups. Groups that worship King Jesus and have life-on-life interactions. If we are to be a people that continually grow to look, live, and love like Jesus, then we have got to live in community like Jesus did.

Jesus would meet and teach with large groups of 72, 120, or even up to well over 5000. Although this was important to the gospel being taught and the beginning of making disciples, but He did not stop there. He, Himself, invested deeper into a group of 12 (his known disciples), as well even deeper in an even smaller group of 3 (Peter, James, and John).

The model Jesus practiced to transform people into a clearer image of Himself is a communal experience, not an individual exercise. Life-on-life together is an unquestionable essential in the making of disciples. It is our hope here at Eastanallee-Etowah to…Love God. Love People. Make Disciples. Community Groups are vital to this pursuit.